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General Checklist & Forms

Absences/absentees, handling report-offs and obtaining replacements, 243-247
Advanced step grievances, 67-93
Alcohol/drug fitness for duty, developing testing policies, 339-340
Alcohol/drug problems, handling and documenting, 329-332
Alcohol/drug warning signs, 335-338
Answering machines, dealing with for overtime call-outs, 255
Anti-authority, insubordination 291-292
Apparent sleeping, neglect of duty, 285-286
Assault/fighting, handling and documenting/discipline, 343-345
Attendance/tardiness control techniques, 239-247
Attitudes of supervisors in dealing with union representatives, 37
Awareness/preventive action, 313-314
"Blue-flu"/sick-out, response to, 305-306
Bomb threats, 365-369
Borderline performer, dealing with malingerer, poor productivity, 269-271
Breaks/rest periods, 371-375
"Business discipline" for union officer, 153-155
"Business leave" request form for union business, 157
Call-ins, obtaining absentee replacements, 243-247
Carelessness, neglect of job, damage to property, 277-280
Cartoons/pin-ups/photos/sexual harassment, 323-324
Competitive outside employment, 378
Consenting relationships/sexual harassment, 317-321
Cryptic clause sheet format, 28
"Currently using" files, contents 230
Damage to property, carelessness, neglect of job, 277-280
Damage to property, vehicles, 281-282
Definition/EEOC guidelines, 307-311
Disciplinary action two part meeting flow sheet, 7
Disciplinary action, fact-finding investigation flow sheet, 194
Disciplinary action decision making/delivery flow sheet, 195
Disciplinary action checklists, 197-223
Disciplinary action fact-finding meeting planner (D-0), 197/393
Disciplinary action fact-finding interview (D-1), 199/395
Disciplinary action seven tests of just cause (D-2), 201/397
Disciplinary action fact-finding follow up (D-3), 203/399
Disciplinary action just-cause analysis (D-4), 205-215/401-411
Disciplinary action consensus decision making (D-4A), 217/413
Disciplinary letter preparation/delivery (D-5) 219-221/415-417
Disciplinary action follow up (D-6), 223/419
Drinking, as reason for overtime unavailability, 257-263
Drug/alcohol, fitness for duty, developing testing policies, 339-340
Drug/alcohol problems, handling and documenting, 329-332
Drug/alcohol warning signs, 335-338
Due process/fairness considerations, 161
Employee assistance programs, design and administration, 333-334
Ethics, professional courtesy and supervisory business ethics, 17-18
Exhausted worker, limiting employer liability, 253
Fighting/assault, handling and documenting/discipline, 343-345
Fitness for duty, developing testing policies, 339-340
Grievance advanced step meeting, 65-107
Grievance advanced step meeting flow sheet, 65
Grievance initial step meeting, 47-63
Grievance initial step two-part meeting flow sheet, 7
Incorrigible/incompatible employee, steps in handling, 173
Insubordination, anti-authority behavior, 291-292
Insubordination vs. refusal to visit company doctor, 293
Investigation and response action, 315-316

Job performance counseling, 115-135
Just-cause, seven tests of, 184, 201
Just-cause analysis, "should-do" items, 205-208

Liability, MARC tools to reduce employer liability when conducting workplace investigation, 192-193, 228
"Malingerer,” dealing with the "borderline performer,” 269-271
Mistakes in disciplining, 193
Moonlighting/secondary employment, 377- 379
Neglect of job/carelessness/damage to property, 277-280
Neglect of duty, apparent sleeping, 285-286
Obscene/profane language, dealing with 297-298
Off-duty misconduct 377-379
"Off-the-record testimony" steps in handling, 170-171
Outside employment, 378
Overtime call-outs, dealing with answering machine, 255
Overtime, unavailability for reason "I've been drinking,” 257-264
Over-tired employee, limiting employer liability, 253
Parallels between grievances and disciplinary action, 5
Paramour claims/sexual harassment, 317-321
Personnel records guidelines, 229-233
Plus/minus analysis, 205-216
Positive rewards or recognition actions, 113
"Preponderance of evidence" items, 209-215
Productivity, dealing with borderline performers/ malingerers, 269-271
Productivity, discipline for poor productivity, 267-271
Profane/obscene language, dealing with, 297- 298
Professional courtesy and supervisory business ethics, 17-18
Promiscuous acts/consenting relationships, 317-321
Paramour claims, reducing employer liability, 321
Promiscuous acts/sexual harassment, 317- 321
Promotions/seniority vs. qualifications, 381- 383
Property damage, carelessness, neglect of job, 277-280
Property damage, vehicles, 281-282
Provision of union representation, 145-146

Record keeping guidelines, 229-230
Reduced capacity/temporary assignment, 389-390
Refusal to visit company doctor vs.insubordination, 293
Report-off form, 247
Report-off guidelines, 243-245
Representation rights, 145-146
Rest periods/breaks, 369-373
Return-to-work-contact form (following absence), 247
Return-to-relief from a job for safety reasons, dealing with, 301-302
Right-to-relief from a job for safety reasons, anticipating, 303
Safety-relief, right-to-relief from a job for safety reasons, dealing with, 301-302
Safety-relief, right-to-relief from a job for safety reasons, anticipating, 303
Secondary employment/moonlighting, 377-379
Sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, 307-324
Sample complaint procedure, 312
Sick-out action, response to, 305-306 "skip interviews,” 103-107
Sleeping, apparent sleeping, neglect of duty, 285-286
Stepwise discipline (see discipline)
Steward conduct, discipline for "abuse of office," 147-155
Submitting notes as exhibits in arbitration, 64
Supervisor's attitude and personal conduct in dealing with union representatives, 37
Supervisors performing bargaining unit work, 385-386
"Tailgate" sessions, steps for planning and conducting, 178-179
Tardiness/attendance control techniques, 239-247
Tardiness/handling report-offs and obtaining replacements, 243-247
Telephone answering machines, dealing with, 255
Telephone misuse/abuse, 387-388
Temporary assignment, upgrading/reduced capacity, 389-390
Termination of employment, 225-228
Theft-related misconduct/documentation, 350
Theft-related misconduct/prevention, 357-358
Theft-related misconduct/response to, 359-362
Threats to a supervisor/another employee, 295
Union business leave request form, 157
Union representation, provision of, 145-146
Upgrading/temporary assignments, 389-391
Vehicle damage, 281-282
Verbal abuse of supervisor by union officer, 151-155
Warning signs, alcohol/drugs, 335-337
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