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In-House & Virtual Training
Consulting Services

General MARC Training Seminars

MARC provides General Seminars which allow MARC Clients to bring newly appointed Supervisors, Candidates for Supervisor Positions, experienced Supervisors who require training, Company Officers that wish to enhance their own knowledge, and Union Representatives into the MARC system.  


If your company is considering MARC Training, attendance at a General Seminar is an ideal way to evaluate our Program.

Personalized In-House or Virtual Training

Our in-house & virtual Training Programs provide clients in both Union and Non Union environments with a tailored, co-ordinated approach to gain consensus and consistency in administration of agreements, company rules/policies, and fair treatment of all employees.

Consulting Services

The MARC approach is "humanistic," not "antagonistic." It involves hands-on techniques and ties the entire management team together in dealing with employees. Emphasis is placed on developing supervisory accountability for employee performance. The entire approach is "results-oriented" with real productivity improvements.

Team Meeting

Leaders in Training
Employee and Labor Relations
Collective Bargaining
Personnel Matters

Our Mission Is to Empower

Employee & Labor Relations Leaders

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