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The Best Choice For Employee & Labor
Relations Leaders

If you seek to improve your managerial effectiveness, 
The MARC Inc team offers unequaled depth and breadth of experience in

Employee and Labor Relations Training, Collective Bargaining & Personnel Matters.

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Why Enroll in Our Training Programs?

Supervisory Training & Management Development

The MARC approach is "humanistic," not "antagonistic." It involves hands-on techniques and ties the entire management team together in dealing with employees. Emphasis is placed on developing supervisory accountability for employee performance. The entire approach is "results-oriented" with real productivity improvements.

Personalized / In-House or Virtual Training

Our in-house & virtual Training Programs provide clients in both Union and Non Union environments with a tailored, co-ordinated approach to gain consensus and consistency in administration of agreements, company rules/policies, and fair treatment of all employees.

General Seminar Training

MARC General Seminar Trainings are an instructor-led Live Online training experience. This is a great way to bring new Supervisors and Union Representatives into the MARC process.

In a Meeting

Supervisory training and management development services performed by the MARC Associates provide clients in both union and nonunion sectors with well coordinated, tailored, and well rounded programs. A major achievement of MARC programs is the reduction of inconsistencies in application of company rules and policies, in the way Non-Represented and Represented employees are treated, and in administering the collective bargaining agreement. 

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MARC intentionally limits the number of Associates and critically selects its staff of Associates in order to insure only the highest degree of professionalism and to consistently deliver personalized professional services to MARC clients. 

Our Services

Consulting in Employee & Labor Relations,
Collective Bargaining & Personnel Matters

Supervisory Training & Development

Foreman & Lead Training

Protocol Group Training

Collective Bargaining Basics & Negotiation Team Training

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