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Protocol Training

Establishing consistency and consensus throughout an organization, related to employee performance, policy implementation and collective agreement administration can seem like an impossible task.

The MARC Protocol Process provides the tool that makes all of the above not only possible, but a reality. It also provides a valuable way to ensure line supervision understands and has input to the decision-making process through use of the consensus triangle. The Protocol Group, once established and trained, meets on a regular basis to discuss employee disciplinary actions that have been considered or implemented, grievances that have been filed and their status and how both these issues should be handled going forward. The Group also serves the purpose of collecting data to assist Labor Relations/ Human Resources in development of new policies or topics for collective bargaining.

The Protocol Group is an integral part of establishing consistency and consensus related to decisions affecting employees. Members of the Protocol Group should be a cross section of the organization and at a level that has authority to make decisions. Labor Relations/ Human Resource representatives are important to the process to ensure no rules, policies or the collective agreement are being violated in the decision-making process. The Protocol Group is responsible to communicate its discussions and decisions back to their respective organizations.

All of this and more, are included in the MARC Protocol Group Training.

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