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Supervisor Training & Development

From the candidate for a supervisory position to the seasoned leader, all management benefits from using consistent, proven methods and techniques when interacting with employees. No longer can employees be summarily disciplined or terminated for undocumented infraction of rules and policies, bad attitudes, poor performance and general disrespect for management. Good documentation is a must to sustain management actions.

Employees are considered an investment and should be managed keeping that in mind. If an employee is not performing up to standard, the Supervisor should address the issue immediately to correct the performance and maintain the company's asset. If reasonable specific attempts are not successful, what can the employer do? Marc Training provides the necessary tools to identify performance issues at the onset and follow a specific path to correction or disciplinary action up through termination of employment, if necessary.

The MARC Manual provides documentation and checklists to help support appropriate management actions through all phases of performance, good and poor, discipline and implementation, grievances including Arbitration, and Employee Dispute Resolution processes. It starts with the First Line Supervisor and involves multiple levels of management, Labor Relations/ Human Resources to help making sustainable decisions.

Our core values include Dignity, Respect, Confidence, Accountability, Commitment and Knowledge and the MARC Program is built around those principles.

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